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Heavily Inked Series
Heavily Inked is a series where we speak one-on-one with tattoo collectors and artists about what it means to be a heavily inked person. We'll get deep as we go through the motivations behind their tattoo choices, the way they've been treated in society and much more.

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Inked is the convergence of culture, style and art. It's the celebrating of "rebellious lifestyle" and the voice of hip, edgy and creative individualists. Packed with stunning photography, cutting edge content and the latest in fashion, music, art and pop culture.

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Inked Magazine
Social Videos & Learning on TikTok

Here you'll find a variety of videos made specifically for vertical viewership for use on Instagram Reels, TikTok & Snapchat.

In August of 2021 Inked magazine worked with TikTok as part of their #learningonTikTok Initiative. As part of this initiataive 4 videos a week were posted to TikTok that were of a "edu-tainment" nature. 

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Various promotional videos I have edited, along with a few that I also shot.

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