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Keyboard and Mouse

Writing is something that Sarah has been passionate about for as far back as she can remember.

One of her earliest memory of writing was the creation of a family news paper where she reported on all the goings on in the Lally household. The paper didn't last very long due to poor readership numbers and a lack of anything interesting to report on. 

In school she continued writing, from essays to prose to fanfiction and then becoming the editor for the Yearbook committee.

She continues to write to this day - scripts and plays, poetry and prose and also as a co-founder of The Uncurriclum, where she has managed to merged her love of learning with her love of the oddities in the world. 

The Uncurriculum is the brain child of friends Alex Dunne and Sarah Lally who wanted to create a space where people can learn about history, geography, society and all the other unusual things that your teachers left out of their curriculum.

Find out more here.


Dark Tales for Dark Times

Last August, an idea was brought to Sarah (by the bringer of many great ideas - Alex) about doing a series of radio plays in time for Halloween. This anthology was Dark Tales for Dark Times - 4 plays by 4 authors, the last of which, Unlocked Doors, was written by Sarah. 

On this she also worked as Producer as well as directing and editing Ep. 1 Childlike and Ep.4 Unlocked Doors. 

Sarah's first "listcle" was published in Inked Magazine in December 2021.  It covered tattoos and her love of the Lord of the Rings (to honor the 20th anniversary of Peter Jackson's adaption of "The Fellowship of the Ring" and much to the chagrin of the editors - she plans on doing more. 

Article copy.jpg
Article copy.jpg

The Countdown to B-Day is a personal essay about Sarah's relationship with Barbie - past and present and her role as a maligned woman. 


While relatively new to poetry, she has performed her poetry with the Irish American Artist & Writers in New York, as part of Culture Night in Ireland and also as part of Cultivating Voices 

Here is her piece"Can I Measure in Distance?"

Script writing

Although she would consider herself quite a sunny person, Sarah's writing can verge on the dark side of life. Her scripts have dealt with a variety of topics with protagonists including a PTSD suffering soldier who is trying to settle back into Irish country life after WW1; a man recently killed coming to terms with his own loss; a young girl fighting against the issues of body dysmorphia; and two grizzled detectives trying to solve a series of murders involving messing teeth. 

Her more lighthearted projects include a rom-com sparked by an encounter in the unemployment office; an elderly woman and her niece entering into the world of espionage in the hopes of finding a lost recipe; and a pair of paramedics (an elf and a goblin) who work the magical maladies devision of their cities health service. 

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